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| 02:40 min | 2010

The fragility of a TV signal reveals an experience of shock and delight.

Through the simulation of an analog signal, the video builds a viewing experience. With images of  shock and fascination, the work touches on
issues like politics of the gaze and intrusive images,working as a reflection about an audiovisual and a television imaginary that is increasingly
present in our everyday life

A fragilidade de um sinal televisivo revela uma experiência de abalo e fascínio.

Por meio da simulação de um sinal analógico, o vídeo vislumbra uma experiência de espectador. Alternando-se entre imagens de  choque e fascínio,
o trabalho toca em questões do imperativo do  olhar e de imagens invasivas, funcionando como uma reflexão a cerca de um imaginário audiovisual e
televisivo cada vez mais presente no nosso cotidiano.


The term ʻTranscommunication' is usually used to define a paranormal phenomenon in which spirits can be captured by an analogue frequency. Instrumental
Transcom- munication uses different technologies, among these television signals, to prove the presence of spirits. That way the ghosts in this piece stems
from our experience as TV view- ers. The pictures never really appear but because of the familiarity with the media we recognize and are put in certain states
of mind."

Re-New - Digital Arts Festival